Tag, you’re it!

As you are probably aware, we are in information overload with the internet and social media. We don’t open the mailbox and fish out the newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world anymore: news is pushed to us in Tweets, Diggs, Facebook status updates, Gchats, and more. So how do we sort all this information out? We play tag.

It’s amazing what we are capable of tagging and sorting now online and how we can use it strategically.

1. Tags helps the user/customer find exactly what they are looking for.
If you are on a mission to find a product you need to buy today and you don’t find it on overstock.com in a matter of 30 seconds, chances are you’re off to amazon.com or any of the thousands of sites that might sell it. You don’t stick around, you have options. Tagging products (or posts or anything for that matter) appropriately makes your audience find what they want in a matter of seconds with as few clicks as possible. (My rule on my web pages I design is 2 clicks!) Don’t lose your potential business to a competitor in a matter of seconds because your products are not easily found, people! Remember, its one thing getting people to your site, its another thing keeping them engaged and happy.

2. Tags increase your website’s SEO.
Everything on your site should be tagged for search engine optimization purposes. SEO is a much larger animal, but in my work I have found using Picasa and tagging every photo with my website’s key words and links increases our position in Google search results. It’s important in the clutter of information on the internet to tag everything you can with keywords that will help people find you. If you can’t be found, you have no business!