Digital Trend: “Going Photo”

Last night, for Social Media Week NYC, I went to the Instagram Community Party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which was a blast. Great music, people, and conversation. Instagram was projecting photos being posted to Instagram during the party in real time on the walls, which was pretty amazing. As we all stared at the pictures moving around and excitedly pointed when we saw ourselves and our friends, I started thinking about a growing trend in the digital space: “going photo.”

Photos @ Instagram Party, NYC 2/15

Ok, so I’m particularly interested in this because I’m a visual learner, thinker, and dreamer. I always have been. The days of the week are color coded in my head. I dream in vivid color (which can be terrifying when you dream of zombie wars, but my mom says means I am creative).

And that, combined with my being a marketer, is why I am completely infatuated with the way digital design and content is going.   Think about it:

Social Media 
With sites like Pinterest, Tout, TumblrInstagram, and YouTube, we have more visual stimulation than ever. We are sharing content, telling stories, and showing off in a more visual fashion.

Site designs 
Look at the websites of NYU Stern, or Rutgers-Newark, or Livingsocial or Groupon. Stories are now being told through beautiful high resolution photos which are trumping text. Content blocks are turning into big photos with small text teasers.

NYU Stern's Website

Memes & Infographics
Both are retweeted/shared/emailed like hell. From the Ryan Gosling Memes to the “What I really do” Memes…we are obsessed with seeing a picture relate to a short – and usually witty – message.  And it’s like when we see that [INFOGRAPHIC] word next to a post, we NEED to see what it says. Infographics summarize interesting data in a visual way, which is great when you’re surfing the twitter timeline hungry for “infosnacks.” At social media week I even saw “real-time” infographics, which were updated as the event went on!

So, as a visual person, I love it. As a marketer, it makes me think: Are photos the new headline? Should we be investing in infographic design instead of writing that story? Should we invest in that professional photographer and make more photos accessible of our products/brands for sites like Pintrest?

Yes, I think so. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

And in case you’re curious:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
And I did not choose these colors, its just the way they were set up in my brain 🙂