social media geek wishlist

So my blogging on added to my love for social media have combined to create this post. It’s been a long time coming.
Check out some of the social media stuff I found and am somewhat (okay, very) tempted to buy.

1. ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ stamps

I would abuse these… stamping papers, MBA homework, books and people. Must have.

2. twitter cupcakes

Love love love!  I cannot wait to try to re-create these!

3. “Keep calm…” art prints

I want these for my office. And the “Keep calm and eat a cupcake” one for home! Gotta love Etsy.

4. “I’m famous on twitter” tee

(I wish.) Zazzle has this in all different styles.

5. ‘eat, sleep, tweet’ vinyl car sticker

If you aren’t geeky enough, slap one of these on your car. 

6. twitter pillow

Cuddle with Ollie! I wish they had a Fail Whale pillow…

7. twitter and Facebook adidas sneakers

OK, these take it a bit too far…