Old Spice + Imgur = Gold

Old Spice always impresses me in their advertising and marketing, especially digital since that’s what I work in (Holler, W+K).

Recently it came to my attention that they were one of the brands that has decided to jump on Imgur as a new platform. Makes sense, as the target audiences match up (male millennials). I was blown away not only by the execution, but by the Imgur fanbase response.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.59.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.57.41 PM

Imgurians (yes, that’s a thing) are very well known as a pretty cynical, critical audience that will eject you from the community with harsh comments and downvotes, so the fact that they had love for the brand’s recent sponsored post, is truly awesome, and a serious nod to the fact that the Old Spice team is being super smart about the role the platform plays for them.

They truly know their audience, know the platform, and that is why they will be successful here. Now go stare at this post for some more time; its pretty damn great.


Google’s “Micro-Moments” Highlight Fundamental Shift in Consumer Behavior

You know that feeling when you forget your phone? It’s a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness, as we have become increasingly dependent on that powerful little device. We expect to be connected to who and what we want to, and we expect to find answers and solutions to our problems on demand.

This has changed the way consumers make purchase decisions. The traditional consumer journey is now divided up into various real-time, intent-driven “micro-moments,” providing marketers the opportunity to identify and prepare for the exact moments right when a consumer reaches for their device.

Google has identified various insights driving overall micro-moments to showcase the variety of opportunities for marketers, many of which are applicable to the CPG category.


  • People evaluate purchase decisions in-the-moment. When walking through a store, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision. More people are reaching for their phone to investigate products and prices than are actually asking for help from an associate in store.
  • People solve unexpected problems in-the-moment. 62% of smartphone users are more likely to take action right away toward solving an unexpected problem or new task because they have a smartphone.  If their dishwasher breaks, they will immediately go to their device to investigate the problem and the products and services that may provide a solution.
  • Micro-moments fill voids or lulls in time or complement multitasking. For example, people turn to their phones when waiting in line, commuting, walking, shopping, relaxing, and more.

As marketers, it is our job to identify how to add value to each of these micro-moments. We should consider what micro-moments are most important to our brand, and which provide an opportunity to highlight our product while making our consumers’ lives easier. How we create content and add value to consumers in each of these micro-moments can set us apart from our competitors.

To learn more about Google’s Micro-Moments, visit their research on Think With Google.

Originally posted on Digitally Approved, here.

Digital Trend: “Going Photo”

Last night, for Social Media Week NYC, I went to the Instagram Community Party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which was a blast. Great music, people, and conversation. Instagram was projecting photos being posted to Instagram during the party in real time on the walls, which was pretty amazing. As we all stared at the pictures moving around and excitedly pointed when we saw ourselves and our friends, I started thinking about a growing trend in the digital space: “going photo.”

Photos @ Instagram Party, NYC 2/15

Ok, so I’m particularly interested in this because I’m a visual learner, thinker, and dreamer. I always have been. The days of the week are color coded in my head. I dream in vivid color (which can be terrifying when you dream of zombie wars, but my mom says means I am creative).

And that, combined with my being a marketer, is why I am completely infatuated with the way digital design and content is going.   Think about it:

Social Media 
With sites like Pinterest, Tout, TumblrInstagram, and YouTube, we have more visual stimulation than ever. We are sharing content, telling stories, and showing off in a more visual fashion.

Site designs 
Look at the websites of NYU Stern, or Rutgers-Newark, or Livingsocial or Groupon. Stories are now being told through beautiful high resolution photos which are trumping text. Content blocks are turning into big photos with small text teasers.

NYU Stern's Website

Memes & Infographics
Both are retweeted/shared/emailed like hell. From the Ryan Gosling Memes to the “What I really do” Memes…we are obsessed with seeing a picture relate to a short – and usually witty – message.  And it’s like when we see that [INFOGRAPHIC] word next to a post, we NEED to see what it says. Infographics summarize interesting data in a visual way, which is great when you’re surfing the twitter timeline hungry for “infosnacks.” At social media week I even saw “real-time” infographics, which were updated as the event went on!

So, as a visual person, I love it. As a marketer, it makes me think: Are photos the new headline? Should we be investing in infographic design instead of writing that story? Should we invest in that professional photographer and make more photos accessible of our products/brands for sites like Pintrest?

Yes, I think so. After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

And in case you’re curious:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
And I did not choose these colors, its just the way they were set up in my brain 🙂

en•gage (verb): to hold the attention of; engross

Remember the days of flipping through a dictionary? Me neither. With the internet, Google and Wikipedia, in our vocabulary-challenged moments, we simply go online and type in the word to learn its meaning. No need for clunky physical dictionaries or those extra seconds spent recalling the order of neighboring letters in the alphabet.

A few months ago, I was Googling synonyms of a word for an article I was working on. The first website that came up was Mirriam Webster’s site. I immediately felt a pang of pity for them, thinking, What on earth could they be doing for business nowadays, and online? Probably not much since people don’t need dictionaries anymore.

I was incredibly mistaken. The site is filled with great, captivating content! And I’m not just saying this as a journalism geek (okay, maybe a little). They have made the most of their content with great videos, quizzes, facts, tutorials and more. Here are a few of my favorite site features:

The Year in Words 2011. This is a list of words in 2011 that spiked in lookups because of events in the news, organized by date. For example: “Rampart” lookups spiked on February 7, 2011 – the day after the Super Bowl because during her rendition of the national anthem that preceded the game, Christina Aguilera botched the lyrics and never sang the words “O’er the ramparts we watched / Were so gallantly streaming.”

New Words & Slang. You know that word that really should be in the dictionary? Until it actually makes it in, here’s where it goes. It’s a collection of user-submitted words. Pretty interesting stuff.

Video tutorials. Ever wonder the origin of a word? These cute little videos explain to you in a couple of minutes the history behind our language’s most interesting words. So. Much. Fun.

Finally, my favorite: Word of the Day. They have a section of the website for the WOD but you can also get an email with WOD. My favorite WOD so far: Bumbershoot, which is a fancy way of saying umbrella. And yes, I try to use that word every time it rains.

As we’ve all said before in the business of online marketing, content is key. Good, engaging content means  you’re creative value for your visitors, and visitors mean ad revenue, sales and brand awareness. Miriam Webster took the online space and made it a place for people to come and enjoy, when their business was rooted in a traditional medium. And that’s truly engaging.