evil twins & linkedin: the social job hunt

for designers, communicators, and marketers, using social media in the hunt shows we actually have the skills we promise on our resume. For everyone else, your online impression is your first and maybe only impression you’ll make.

when the ball’s in your court,  make it count.
It amazes me how many MBA students in my classes don’t have LinkedIn accounts. According to Socialnomics, 80% of recruiters use social media to recruit, 95% of them use LinkedIn.

Hiring officers now have your LinkedIn profile, your Google listing, and all sorts of social networks as their first impression of you, because if they know how to use a computer, they are 100% “Googling” you before they bring you to the office for an interview. But it’s not only these “mega” spaces where you need to tell the world that you are awesome and in need of some work. My sister Ariel renamed her social media accounts on Tumblr and Twitter to “Hire Ariel” while looking for a job. And while wandering around NYC this weekend, I saw neon posters that said “Sarahneedsajob.com,” which led to a blog, portfolio and website. This Parson’s grad even got on CNN as a result, and weekly site traffic of ~10,000 hits when she began the project.

play good defense.
I had a previous boss “Google” me back in 2007 before my first interview. There just so happened to be a far less…we’ll say mature….girl who shared my name who had quite the presence on social media. Bebo, MySpace, you name it. When searching for me, my boss thought that the inappropriate social commentary and racy graphics she found on these social networks were in fact mine. Lucky for me, she realized after a few clicks that this girl was living in the UK and was 17 years old, and not ME.

I did land that job, but this scared me enough to make sure that I had a stronger presence online and that the Hannah Redmond I wanted portrayed was coming up in search. I published more articles, made an online portfolio, and added a Google profile.

Lesson: be strategic… and find and defeat evil online twins.


2 thoughts on “evil twins & linkedin: the social job hunt

  1. Hannah: I totally agree with you. To add…It also amazes me how many marketing (digital & traditional) professionals do not have completed LinkedIn profiles. As a job seeker (and career changer) in the digital space I have made creating a strong online presence top priority. Maintaining one’s online idenity should be important to everyone and not just job seekers. Your thoughts in this post are right on point! Cheers!

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