Content is key

Recently I’ve read some articles saying how poorly the majority of marketers work online. It’s as if they’ve lost all their skills when they touch a mouse. I think because this is more of a word of mouth communications tool that when used right, turns into a great marketing tool. This communications tool doesn’t exactly mean you can just pump out messaging all you want as a marketer. That to a user would be like watching a reel of commercials.

Give users value.
Content needs to not only attract the reader but needs to keep them engaged. Are you offering them a deal? An exclusive? Inside information? Expert advice? Networking opportunity? Why do they care to subscribe to you, follow you, listen to you?

I told my mom, a filmmaker passionate about her latest project, that for every 1 (“shameless”) plug she makes, she should interact with 3-5 people publicly, or answer questions, or make an editorial comment 3-5 times. She is an expert in her field, has amazing resources and surrounds herself with incredibly knowledgeable people. By sharing this knowledge and expert insight into the issues she films, she is able to attract and retain an audience who may look at her work.

Content, content, content.
Comment on things! React to the users! Give an opinion, a voice, a quote, an idea. Whatever your industry or field, creating interesting and engaging content will keep your audience more engaged and loyal.


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