Why do I care what you ate for lunch?

A lot of my friends aren’t social media obsessed like me. Of those people who don’t embrace social media and real-time information just yet, the most common question I get about Twitter is “Why would I want to know what you’re doing at every moment. What you ate for lunch. How cute your dog is. Why would I care?”

Twitter serves as the ultimate two-way news source if used right. 
Many companies, news organizations, political leaders and experts are tweeting daily. You can follow your city’s Mayor to see what is being done about that pothole on Main Street, the airline you flew last week to ask them why you still haven’t gotten your lost luggage, your favorite news source to get breaking news headlines sent to you as they happen, and your favorite band to make sure you don’t miss the big announcement about their suprise reunion tour. 

For example, here are a couple of great tweets I saw today:
– Mayor Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) of Newark NJ responding to Tweets about where snow plows are needed. 
– Rutgers (@Rutgers_Newark) letting students know before the web site was even updated that day classes are cancelled until 5:20

I follow many brilliant minds in social media and the New York Times (and may or may not follow Jersey Shore’s Snooki) because these are the people providing me with the news and entertainment I want to see when I open my phone, iPad, or go on my computer.

So, forget what you’re friends ate for lunch! Only follow people who provide information you want and need to know and before you know it, Twitter will be an invaluable resource that you check everyday.


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